Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm In Print!!!

Do you see that?
That's MY name on that page!
Pardon me while I giggle....
It's the first time this has happened...yes, yes, my art was published in a magazine once but THIS, this means more to me than the cover of an art magazine...this is my HEART on a page!  
I'm thrilled.
Here's what the cover looks like...

It's a book of devotionals for the first year of college...

Here's what I wrote:

Sweet Selfishness

Proverbs 3:5-6 (ESV)
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths.

          “Beware of the three B’s!” we warned our kids before they left for college.  Have you heard of the three B’s?  Chances are, your parents already warned you about them. 
            Booze, Bills and Babes.  The three dream killers.           You’ve heard the lectures about booze and bills.  In a nutshell, don’t drink, and live within your means, but what about those babes?
             Your parents taught you to get along with others, to share, to be helpful, kind and unselfish.  Now you’re living away from home, working toward your goals.  You may not know what your ultimate destination will look like, but you are moving in a forward direction toward success.  You live among friends and perhaps you’ve even met someone special, a “babe”, someone you hope you can build a future with.  You generously and unselfishly give them your time and attention.
            May I suggest that there is a sweet sort of selfishness that is pleasing to God? 
            Stay focused on the plan that’s been set before you, even if you aren’t yet sure of the final destination.  Distractions will come.  Friends and “babes” will try to redirect you.  They’ll entice you with loving promises or dreams they’ve planned for themselves, won’t you join them?  Too often, we decide that God must have sent these people to direct us away from our path, to a better one. Often, though, it’s a detour.  A long, bumpy road around a large messy construction zone that leads right back to the original path.   Much later, you merge onto the same road again, alone, and a little ragged and dusty.

            The college years are a time for sweet selfishness.  This type of selfishness focuses on God and you together, and His plan for your life.  Maybe God’s plan includes another person and a fusion of your dreams.  Stay in close fellowship with the Lord so you will have discernment when distraction comes.  If you are aligned with God’s plan, you will avoid unnecessary detours!

Just an additional little thing....I'm so thankful....truly grateful to God for this affirmation of my huge change of direction...away from a successful artsy fartsy art business and toward the art of writing...  I have no regrets and look forward to where this new road may lead...  

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