Monday, November 22, 2010

Snowy Night...

Snowy Night..., originally uploaded by HA! Designs - Artbyheather.

It seems I'll never get too old for the feeling of utter joy I feel when the flakes start to fly! I'm always checking the windows and turning on the porch light after dark to see if I can tell if it's still snowing! My daughter keeps asking me if I think there will be school tomorrow...I'm hoping not. I'd love to share a snow day with her.
What is it about snow? Is it because it's Christmassy? No, I don't think that's it...I think it's just!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


What the???, originally uploaded by HA! Designs - Artbyheather.

I was feeding my chickens the other day, when something caught my eye UNDER the coop! An egg! Then as I reached under to collect it, I spied 4 more! Someone had been laying on the sly! Upon further investigation, I discovered it was Yvonne! She has since laid an egg a clockwork! They're small, but the latest few have been slightly bigger.
I am trying to entice her to start laying them in the nest boxes INSIDE the coop but so far, no luck! If you have any ideas, please share them! I have a couple of golf balls in the boxes...replaced the white shavings with hay, added feathers...I may need to make them more cozy...perhaps I need to add some height to them to make them more private?We'll see how this goes...I may be crawling under the coop to retrieve eggs for a while.
She may make it hard to get them but Yvonne very willingly gives them up...she has actually been a bit more friendly since she started laying...she doesn't squawk when I pick her up and doesn't scurry away when I pet her as I tell her "Thank you" for her little gift.
Isn't it funny, sometimes, how the littlest things can bring us such JOY!?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The ladies...

The ladies..., originally uploaded by HA! Designs - Artbyheather.

have grown! They're about 3 months old now...teenagers in chicken years! They're making those fabulous chicken sounds...talking to me when I bring them weeds...fill their waterer...throw them some scratch. Their feathers are beautiful...and plentiful! I really had no idea how many feathers they shed. Their pen is littered with them.
Now I wait patiently for eggs...I'm thinking they'll start laying by Halloween. I shall make a celebratory omelet when they do! Until then, I'll enjoy them for the funny species they are...seemingly angry, yet playfully friendly and unbelievably dumb. I never knew they'd be so much fun!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


These are my newest domino designs...I actually have a few more I'm working on too!
It's been a while since I designed new dominos...mostly because I've been having problems with my printer. My expensive laser printer. Did I mention that it was really expensive...oh, and only 2 years old! It is not fixable. It prints washed out tinty color...not clear crisp bright color. So, I got tired of trying to find a solution and took my little memory stick to the copy store...I think I may have discovered a cheaper way of printing! After spending a fortune on the printer and ink...WOW are those ink cartridges expensive for laser printers...I spent a pittance to make copies! I've made lemonade out of lemon printer, that is!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sometimes it takes a while...

New Charms, originally uploaded by HA! Designs - Artbyheather.

In an earlier post I wrote about my purchase of an entire cabinet of vintage glass watch crystals.

Here's the post!

I have been gazing upon them for several months now...wondering what to do with them and I finally DID something!

These little pendants are really fun...quirky...dare I say, funky! I'm killing two birds with one stone here...using some of the many dictionaries I've hoarded over the years and also using some of the hundreds of watch crystals just waiting for new life!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Funky & Chunky...

I spent Saturday at the Artists Garage Sale in Olympia...selling my creations! It was a very good day...excellent, in fact! My sales were steady - so steady that it took me 2 hours to eat a sandwich for lunch!
These fun charm bracelets sold well! I love making them - every single one a bit different from the others.
They're listed in my etsy shop now...I had been holding out, deciding how much to charge for them. I think they're happy, interesting and fun so I kept the price a bit everyone can afford to have a little funk around their wrist!

Friday, May 14, 2010

We've nearly completed a big remodeling project and in the process, my daughter's bathroom was painted the softest of soft pink! She has her "own" bathroom now that the big kids are gone! She picked out the saying that I put under the's a vinyl decal from empressivedesigns on Etsy! Now all the room needs is a she can SEE her own kind of beautiful!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Chicks!, originally uploaded by HA! Designs - Artbyheather.

I finally got my chicks! The chicken coop is up and ready for residents and all they need to do is grow! There are 6 in all and I expect to be knee deep in eggs by fall...or early winter...if they aren't put off by the cold.
We named them all old lady names...Lucy, Effie,Pearl, Gertie, Opal and Yvonne. They are different breeds so the flock will be colorful but I do have two Ameraucanas which will lay blue eggs!
I don't know why I've always loved chickens...I suppose because they're productive...they're the pet that gives back. But they also have big personalities...even as chicks! They're fun to watch. I never knew that until I was asked to feed my friend's chickens a few years ago. They were really sweet...I was sort of afraid of them at first, but they were fun to care for...and they were happy to forfeit their eggs. I was hooked! So now I've come full circle...from wanting to having...and I'll enjoy every minute!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The 11th Commandment...

Take not thy running water for granted!

We got new countertops last week...I JUST got my kitchen faucet plumbed! 4 days with a waterless kitchen! The plumber must have thought I was strange for thanking him so utterly profusely for doing what he does every big deal...easy peasy.
It's amazing how the little things - conveniences - go unnoticed, unappreciated until they're gone. Running water in a kitchen for instance. Unheard of in parts of the most of the world, it's expected. Depended on. Taken completely for granted. Not here...I fully appreciate the luxury of "water on demand" right where I need it. I admire the skills of plumbing a sink and making water flow without leaks. I'm thankful for the large size of my kitchen sink in comparison to the little pedestal sink I've been doing dishes in for 4 days!
I am a little more aware of the little conveniences in my life now. A little more thankful and a little less oblivious.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thinking Happy Thoughts...

daffodil, originally uploaded by HA! Designs - Artbyheather.

While our country reels from the blow of the healthcare bill passing, and we worry which of our freedoms will be snuffed out next...I will focus my anger in a positive way. I will give to the campaigns of conservatives running against all of the democrats in my state. It's something I can do. AND...I can enjoy the beauty of spring and look forward to the November elections...and that is a happy thought!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


wow., originally uploaded by HA! Designs - Artbyheather.

This is just too much! My brother went out for Chinese food last night and this is what was on the back of his fortunes! I'm stupified! Is there nothing that is sacred that our government won't infiltrate and send us "handy reminders" for their purposes?
And on the subject of the census...
Here's a controversial question. Why do they want such specific information about races other than "white"? Why, if you are Hispanic, do you have to give very specific information about which part of the world you come from? If you are of any colorful decent, you must be specific in which heritage you MOST contain. But "white folk" don't need to specify anything. Apparently European decent - except for Spain - is all the same. That baffles me. Why do they keep such close track of color? What does that truly mean? What does that say about our government? What does that say to AMERICANS?
I checked "other" and wrote in "American". They will probably assume that I am a bible-clinging, gun-slinging white person....and they'd be right.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have some reading to do...

For years I have wanted to have a little coop of chickens in the yard. I want to go outside, reach under an unselfish hen and gather eggs...and say "thank-you". I want to work in the garden and hear a soft chorus of clucking.
It appears this want will finally be fulfilled. I will be drawing up plans for a simple coop which I will be building with the help of my dad...who will be paid for his help in eggs. I will probably start with 4 hens...I'd ultimately like to have 6. I want to have enough eggs for us and my parents and when my siblings need some, the overflow will go to them. I need to decide which breed to get - I loved caring for our friends black and white speckled hens and would love to get some of those, whatever they are...I need to do some research!
Which brings me to this book. Raising Chickens for Dummies. I feel awfully dumb right now. By the time the chickens come to live with us, I will be smarter. I will read this book. I will learn to be a good backyard chicken farmer...and they will thank me in eggs!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'll take the Tea please!

Every day, I'm surprised at the "audacity" of this administration to completely ignore the will of the American people. Today, it is health care again. The white house has come up with a health care package and they will present it BEFORE the president's "summit" with meet with republicans? Why ask for anyone else's ideas if you've already decided to implement your own? Why bother? For some good photos, perhaps? For the opportunity to say "I tried to reach across the aisle and they wouldn't compromise"? To make a mockery of opposing views?
Obama is mixing up more kool-ade.
Don't drink it!
It's as bad as the grape stuff that Jim Jones served to his followers...with the exception that this kool-ade will kill the prosperity of our great nation. It will kill the greatest health care system on earth (while not perfect it does NOT need a complete overhaul!). It will strip the citizens of this country of more of their freedom, money and choices.
I have a voice and so do you!
Use it!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thanks Sarah!

Thanks Sarah!, originally uploaded by HA! Designs - Artbyheather.

After press secretary Robert Gibbs' display this week, , I thought I'd put my own little list on my hand so I won't forget to do what is becoming more and more important to the preserving of our great country. It seems this administration has no respect for the dignity of the office of the President. For Gibbs to pull that little stunt - which caused moans from the press who DO still have an inkling of the dignity of the office - gave me will they cheapen and demean the leadership roles of this country next? I'm sure we'll find out soon.
I am a stay-at-home mom. I've NEVER been involved in politics, much less cared. This administration has awakened a passion for our country in me that I didn't realize was so strong. I love our country. I've always been patriotic. This is different. This feels like an attack from within. An attack on my family, our livelihood, our future, the future of my children. I'm passionate about my family. I am a mother bear when it comes to my children. It's very apparent that a lot of mother bears are being poked by this administration. I have attended several tea parties and will be stepping up my involvement even more. I am learning more about the candidates that would like to take Patti Murray's seat in the Senate. I will do whatever I can to help make that happen.

If you are concerned about the direction our country is going, will you join me?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


aaaaah...., originally uploaded by HA! Designs - Artbyheather.

Our cruise was heavenly...warm...breezy...relaxing! I can't wait to go back to the Caribbean some day! This photo is a little snippet of the utterly fabulous beaches and bathwater sea. I couldn't get enough!
So...this morning I had to get up and make my own coffee. I had to toast my own bagel. No one asked me if they could clean up my mess for me. No one replaced my used towel with a fresh clean one after my shower this morning. No one turned down my bed and put chocolates on my pillow last night. My entertainment last night consisted of "Cake Boss" on TV...a song and dance team or comedian did not come to my home to entertain me. I've been wandering all over my house looking for the pizza and ice-cream bar...because I could really use a snack right about now...but...I can't find it. My husband came home last night, sat down at the table and asked for the menu...when I told him he had one choice and it wasn't the gourmet fare he had grown accustomed to, his face said it all. We've been spoiled rotten and reality is slapping us upside the head.
Why is it so easy to adjust to being spoiled and so hard to adjust back again? I'm thankful for the week of pampering and it's back to the old grind...which is fabulous too!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm going to use this!

This is my very first passport. My hubs wanted to get the little drivers licensey looking one that lets us go to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean and I said NO! I want the real deal. The one that can take me to the other side of the world! So...that's what we got. And now we're going to use it! We're going on a cruise to the Caribbean! I'm so excited! I am ready to sit on the the eat food I don't have to make for myself and when I'm done, leave the dishes for someone else to clean. I don't want to make my own bed (not that I do anyway) and I want someone to make a cute little animal our of my bath towel. I look forward to spending time with our dear friends and laughing 'til I pee...that always happens when I hang out with Lora...and enjoy my husband to whom I will be married for 25 years in July.
Note to self...don't forget the sunscreen!