Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The 11th Commandment...

Take not thy running water for granted!

We got new countertops last week...I JUST got my kitchen faucet plumbed! 4 days with a waterless kitchen! The plumber must have thought I was strange for thanking him so utterly profusely for doing what he does every day...no big deal...easy peasy.
It's amazing how the little things - conveniences - go unnoticed, unappreciated until they're gone. Running water in a kitchen for instance. Unheard of in parts of the world...in most of the world, it's expected. Depended on. Taken completely for granted. Not here...I fully appreciate the luxury of "water on demand" right where I need it. I admire the skills of plumbing a sink and making water flow without leaks. I'm thankful for the large size of my kitchen sink in comparison to the little pedestal sink I've been doing dishes in for 4 days!
I am a little more aware of the little conveniences in my life now. A little more thankful and a little less oblivious.

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