Wednesday, March 17, 2010


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This is just too much! My brother went out for Chinese food last night and this is what was on the back of his fortunes! I'm stupified! Is there nothing that is sacred that our government won't infiltrate and send us "handy reminders" for their purposes?
And on the subject of the census...
Here's a controversial question. Why do they want such specific information about races other than "white"? Why, if you are Hispanic, do you have to give very specific information about which part of the world you come from? If you are of any colorful decent, you must be specific in which heritage you MOST contain. But "white folk" don't need to specify anything. Apparently European decent - except for Spain - is all the same. That baffles me. Why do they keep such close track of color? What does that truly mean? What does that say about our government? What does that say to AMERICANS?
I checked "other" and wrote in "American". They will probably assume that I am a bible-clinging, gun-slinging white person....and they'd be right.

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