Monday, February 22, 2010

I'll take the Tea please!

Every day, I'm surprised at the "audacity" of this administration to completely ignore the will of the American people. Today, it is health care again. The white house has come up with a health care package and they will present it BEFORE the president's "summit" with meet with republicans? Why ask for anyone else's ideas if you've already decided to implement your own? Why bother? For some good photos, perhaps? For the opportunity to say "I tried to reach across the aisle and they wouldn't compromise"? To make a mockery of opposing views?
Obama is mixing up more kool-ade.
Don't drink it!
It's as bad as the grape stuff that Jim Jones served to his followers...with the exception that this kool-ade will kill the prosperity of our great nation. It will kill the greatest health care system on earth (while not perfect it does NOT need a complete overhaul!). It will strip the citizens of this country of more of their freedom, money and choices.
I have a voice and so do you!
Use it!

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