Thursday, March 6, 2014


The wedding planning is in full swing now!
Have I mentioned that my daughter is getting married?
She is!
OH happy day!
Interestingly enough, she is getting married on our 29th Anniversary.
It was a funny coincidence...not planned...just happened that the venue she chose was only available on that particular day during the time they wanted.
There are so many details involved in wedding planning today.
So many choices to make!
I've been thinking about when I planned my wedding...29 years ago...
I only had a handful of choices to make and the number of things to choose from in each category were very limited!
For instance.
I did not go to a bridal salon and try on lots of dresses.
I went to a fabric store and looked through pattern books.
I chose my bridesmaid dresses the exact same way.
I did not have cake tastings with lists of flavors and fillings.
I chose white cake with white frosting (a wedding cake, duh!) and then I chose the color of the frosting roses on top!
I went to Hallmark and chose my invitations from a pool of about 25 styles.
I had to choose the kind of punch to be served at the cake and punch reception at the church.
No alcohol.  No choice.  Period.
Did I want mints and nuts at the reception?  Yes.  Done.
I chose two soloists and the songs they would sing.
The flowers were pretty standard...we chose colors and the florist recommended types of flowers.
We went with the thriftier choices.
I loved my wedding!
I got married before reality TV and Pinterest.  I was blissfully unaware that my wedding could have been a statement of my style and a representation of our personalities.
I was 19-years-old.
I don't think I even knew what my style was at that age...
To me, our wedding was a ceremony...a celebration of having found the one that my soul loves!
It was a reason to eat cake.
Then we got the heck outta there and started our life together!

I'm enjoying the modern process of wedding planning.
It's fun to do some of the steps be creative...
I'm enjoying helping my daughter express their style in the invitations and decor.
It's SO FUN to pin wedding ideas on Pinterest!
It will be a lovely wedding.
It will be a lovely wedding because the people getting married are loved.  They are made for each other.  They are chosen for each other by God.
In the end, it doesn't matter what decor is on the tables or how the invitations look or how beautiful her dress is (and it is very beautiful!).
What matters is that two people will be starting their life together, speaking vows before God and their family...they will carry on the legacies of each family and begin their own legacy for their children and grandchildren.
That is the stuff of life.
Flowers will die...lace will yellow...cake gets stale...
Love lives on for generations...

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