Sunday, March 9, 2014

Texting and Trusting...

I have this daughter that goes to foreign lands to serve the Lord...and she has a mother that trusts God BUT wants to know details so she can be SURE everything is in order...that God's got all His ducks in a row...wait...that is a bit contradictory...

Here's how it went down...

I received a text message at 3am this my daughter boarded a plane in Miami, bound for Haiti...
Love you mom!!!  Talk to you in two weeks :-):-):-)
The text message chime woke me up...I read it and my heart started beating a little bit harder.
I texted her back.
Love you too!  Praying for the team and everyone you'll meet!  Have a save trip!
Love, Love, Love!
I prayed for her...I prayed for the team and for the people she would be meeting and for the children she'd fall in love with...thanking the Lord for the opportunity He'd given to her, I laid back down...closed my eyes...and...
Did she take her malaria meds?  She should have started taking them already.  She never mentioned them to me.  We went over everything she packed and she never mentioned the medicines the travel clinic gave her.  She must have.  Surely the team talked about that in their meetings.  What if she forgot them?  What if she doesn't have the medicine and she GETS malaria?  What if I get a call saying that she's deathly ill in a hospital in Haiti?  What if?  She MUST have taken's probably in her backpack.  
I prayed, asking God to protect her from malaria.
Amid my swirling worry, she texted:
Love Love Love
Oh good, she's still got her phone on!  I should ask.  No, that would be silly.  What if she DID forget it and now she's going to worry too!  But I could trust God and not ask and just trust that He'll protect her.....hmmmm.....
I shouldn't ask...that would be very faithless of me....but...
You're taking your malaria meds right?
Just checking!! (when you put 'just' in front of a word, it minimizes the next word...just sayin'...just checking...."I know you did, I'm just saying it out loud, I don't really need to ask...just checking.")
Love you!  Wrap it up with a little love and she'll never know I was's hidden...she'll never know I've been stewing for the last 10 minutes...
Yes in a minute. :-)
love you don't worry
I'm in God's hands :-) 
Tears sprang to my eyes.
I won't worry!!!!  I know you are!
Schooled by my own daughter.
If I can't rest in the knowledge that she's in God's hands, I will not know rest.
God has called her to be His hands and feet.
To step in as His ambassador.
If He called her to do His work, He's not going to leave to her helpless.  
I know that in my head.
That truth sometimes gets stuck in worry on its way to my heart.
Today I'm thankful that God is with Emily and all of the people around the world sharing the Gospel with every nation.  
They're in His hands.
In His very trustworthy hands.

Philippians 4:19
And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

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