Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vintage Crafty Goodness!

Feelin' Crafty today!  
I have lots of these fabulous vintage brass stencils but I wasn't sure what to do with them.  In my recent clean-out of my studio, I just couldn't get rid of them.  They're metal, they're letters, two things I'm attracted to when I peruse thrift and antiques shops.  Surely there's SOMETHING unique I can do with these!
Then it hit me.
I love candles...and the letters slip together end to end.  I could make a decorative text sleeve for a candle!
At first, I was inspired by my daughter's upcoming wedding...and the first design I came up with uses  their initials and the date of their wedding.  I love it!

The problem with these stencils is that there is only one of each letter...which makes doing anything other than stenciling with them, a little challenging if you have only one or two sets!  I was able to come up with letters of varying sizes to spell Family, Love and Fun...and made one more candle sleeve for a larger candle!

I love the varying sizes and the mismatched look!  I've made one other project with these stencils about a year ago...this sign hangs above our bed...I made it for my husband when he came home from his deployment.

I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for more of the stencils!  I saw a lamp shade made from these stencils, connected by jump rings, and fell in love!  I must make one for myself...someday...when I hit the motherlode of brass stencils!  My favorite thing about these projects is that they give an old utilitarian supply that has served it's purpose, a new and beautiful life!

Happy Creating!

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