Thursday, February 6, 2014

I'm Breaking up with Sugar - Day 1

Yesterday it hit me for the 1,927th time.  I eat entirely too much sugar.
I've known this for years and years.  The clues are everywhere...the Torani syrups by my coffee maker, the chocolate chip bags in the pantry (opened, half-gone and I haven't made cookies since Christmas), the lack of ice cream in the is that a clue?  It's all gone because I ate it.
It's time to do something...again...hopefully for the last time!
Last night, I did a little research online...I read this account of a man's year without sugar.  (
It was very interesting...eye-opening.
The most interesting piece for me was the hard data of his physical results.  Here are some of the benefits he experienced:
1.  His blood work dramatically improved.
2.  He slept through the night on the second night of his journey...something he hadn't done since childhood.   This is something I haven't done in years and years...possibly since my babies were born.   Oh the things I would do for a good night's sleep...give up sugar, maybe?
3.  His energy level increased, and the mid-day dip disappeared.  I could ALWAYS use a little more energy, especially at 6am when I'm running and 1/2 mile in I want to quit.  I would love to have the energy to enjoy my runs more and to go farther!
4.  He was more focussed.  This is huge for me since I often claim I suffer from adult-onset ADD!
So, today it begins and I'm actually looking forward to going through my pantry and removing some of its contents.
I'm not going hardcore...eliminating fruit and grains...I'll keep the naturally occurring sugars in my diet, but added sugar is my nemesis.
Desserts, sweeteners, soda and chocolate.
It's what I crave.
It's apparently what makes my life more difficult...
So sugar, I'm breaking up with you.
It's just not working out...
It's not you, it's me... IS you...AND me...

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