Monday, February 3, 2014

Sunday Morning Fights...

Anyone else fight on Sunday morning?
Okay, maybe not full-blown about disagreements, short tempers, snippy responses...anyone...?
Yeah, pretty typical for us on Sunday mornings...always on the way to church.
Yesterday was no different...
and after years and years of this, I finally saw it coming and decided to do something about it...
What did I do, you ask?
Yes, nothing.
When the disagreement began, I bowed out.
Didn't respond.
Recognized it for what it was.
What was it?
An attempt to distract me from what I was going to church to do...
to worship God.
to hear God's word.
to learn something.
to fuel up for the week.
ultimately, to bring glory to God.
So when it happened, I prayed.  I asked God to tell me how to respond.
And I got nothing in return.
which was an answer.
so that's what I did.
Not typical for me.
I like to say what's on my mind.
But I shut up.
the car was silent for a few miles.
and then I saw a bumper sticker.
It read:
"As a former fetus,
I am against abortion."
Which is freakin' awesome.
So I said so.
Which diffused the tension.
I was on to the next thing...
so he was too...
which left the negative behind...
and allowed me to let go of the irritation.
so I could worship.
and I did.
and it was good.

Then something interesting happened.
The day went on without incident.
and as we drove home from a party that evening,
he said "I'm sorry about this morning"
and I thought about it.
I couldn't remember what had happened.
He elaborated slightly.
My memory was jogged.
I said "Thank you"
I forgave him.
And God nudged me and whispered "Thank YOU for obeying me,
For keeping your pie-hole shut,
For not making things worse!"
And then it hit me.
I don't often hear "I'm sorry".
But there it was.
When I obeyed.
God is like that.
He sees.  He doesn't forget.
Even when we do.
That was better than anything I learned at church.
And it all started in the car, with a Sunday morning fight...

Proverbs 10:8
The wise of heart will receive commandments, but a babbling fool will come to ruin.

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