Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I AM the Boss of me...

I had a walking date with a friend today and at the last minute she couldn't make it.
I was already at the park but my knee-jerk reaction was "Oh well, I'll exercise at home".
Big fat lie.
I backed my car up to leave.
My phone rang.
I pulled back into the parking space and answered the phone.
The call ended and I put the car in gear to back up again.
Then I heard myself say (out loud and sarcastically no less),
"You're here, you should run around the lake!"
I think I was channelling my daughter...
It was raining.  Cold.
I was a little put out.
How dare I talk to me that way!
So I put the car in park and turned it off,
Tied my key to my shoe ...and...
I ran.
It was good.
I felt GREAT when I was done...
I should listen to me more often...

Sugar update:  I've been a very good girl...although I've taken to adding a scant teaspoon of sugar-in-the-raw to my coffee in the morning.  It makes my coffee SO much more enjoyable and I don't feel utterly deprived first thing in the morning!
I should also report that I slept ALL NIGHT LONG last night!  My normal wake up time is 2 am...tossing and turning until 4 or 5 am until I crash again right before the alarm goes off.  So to get that much sleep all at one time is utter bliss!!  Yay!!!

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