Sunday, February 24, 2008


Dream, originally uploaded by artbyheather.

I have been accused of being a optimist...a pollyana...even an...airhead. If my brilliant mind is occupied with fabulous ideas and potential creations and my creative solutions to the world's problems, how can I possibly stay focused on the topic at hand 100% of the time? Hmmmm? Answer me that! Without people like us (you with me?)...the world would lack color...spontanaeity (did I spell that right?)...and FUN! I'm all about fun. To a fault. You'll never wonder if Martha Stewart lives in my house, no sir. My house is clean...but messy. I do not have time to do it all. I really would prefer to have staff following me around picking up after me but since I do not have hired staff, I do the best I can. Brilliance is messy. That's my mantra. No, I don't really think I'm brilliant, but here we are, back to the title of this ATC...dream! That's what I do!

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lilly the cat said...

I put one of your items on my treasury.