Saturday, February 9, 2008

This is pretty typical

This is pretty typical, originally uploaded by artbyheather.

My kids are weird. No joke. I'm glad, though...they're fun...they're funky...they're a lot like me. They're slightly odd because they feel comfortable being themselves. I wasn't that comfortable in my skin at that took me many years of trial and error to realize that it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks I should be like...I just gotta be me. that I don't worry about what everyone else thinks, it's quite apparent that they never did...think that is...mostly people just make snap judgements about people and move on. They don't dwell on us. Sometimes we think they do, but they don't. Mind you, there are the random jerks that take great pleasure in picking people apart, but honestly, who cares what they think anyway, right?
Anyway, that's the way I've raised my kids. Be yourselves...don't worry about what other people think...people who judge, do it to make themselves feel better ease their own insecurities.
All this from a goofy picture. I think too much sometimes!

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