Monday, March 17, 2008

Shock and Awe

Stud, originally uploaded by artbyheather.

Seems I'm blogging about this kid a lot lately...he's blog-worthy!
He's about to graduate (he and his twin sister). Four years ago, this boy was shy, tiny, light as a feather, lacked self-confidence, didn't speak much to outsiders...I worried about him. I knew he'd blossom some day...I had faith that he'd make his way...he was dripping with potential...but I didn't know how or when this blossoming would take place. The years passed...still he lacked confidence. His sister is a star runner...he cheered for her. She excelled socially...he was happy for her. His body grew quickly and he was awkward and clumsy. He had lots of friends, but not the confidence to go to dances or "chill" with the girls - he stayed behind. Then he began his senior year of high school. He grew into his own 6'1", he used his height and muscular tone to have a stellar cross country season, ending with a trip to the State championships. He dove into social situations and went to a dance! Suddenly girls were calling and texting and he had a busier social calendar than his sister! is the shock... This boy, the shy boy who couldn't talk to people without stammering around and looking down...this boy who would sing around the house but claimed singing in the choir at school was "gay"...this boy who would be funny for us but hide his wit in public...just won a roll as the dentist in "Little Shop of Horrors"! He is singing a solo and a duet in the spring musical. WHAT?! How does that happen. If a prophet of God had come down from heaven two years ago and told me that my boy would be in the spring musical, with a show-stealing part, singing a solo...I would have laughed...and claimed the prophet was an imposter and obviously didn't know my child...wrong kid. But here's the awe...while I worried and prayed for my kid to become comfortable in his skin, God was working it all out behind the scenes. I didn't need to see all the parts work themselves out. As a mom, I WANTED to, but faith is what matters...I had faith that this boy would show the world what I knew he had in him and what God put there. Now he's doing just that!

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