Monday, March 17, 2008


sisters..., originally uploaded by artbyheather.

These girls are so close...big sis is off to college in the fall. What will the little one do? She claims she's looking forward to the peace and quiet...that she'll love having the bathroom to herself...that she'll relish taking over her brothers' bedroom and dance around in the extra space. But what will she feel when the paint in her new room dries and the quiet becomes louder than the noise she claims to be bothered by? She denies that she'll miss them...a typical little sister response...but she will. I know she will. She's never been one to beg for friends to come over - I think because she enjoys her siblings - so maybe she'll have more friends over to fill the gaps...time will tell. I'm just thankful that they love each other...mostly...and that they'll have a new appreciation for each other. Sisters Rock!

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