Thursday, October 2, 2014

Filing Cabinet Re-do!

We have a fabulous surplus outlet in our town.  I bought this awesome heavy-duty 3-drawer legal size filing cabinet with art deco-ish details for $15.  It needed cleaning up before I began my transformation and a little elbow grease produced this dark gray ugly cabinet...clean but unappealing otherwise!

Do you realize how many choices there are in spray paint these days?  We went to Lowe's to choose a color.  "It will only take a minute" I told my husband as he was speeding home to catch a football game after church last Sunday.  10 minutes later, we were still staring at the spray paint, although it had been narrowed down to three colors.  No, four.  Three.  Five.  Two.  Wait.  I can't choose!  It's not like paint is the ultimate's easily changed.  But I wanted to do this once.  I chose.  Green with a hammered silver accent for the drawer fronts.  I asked my husband how he liked it and he picked up a blue which I hadn't yet considered.  I loved it and bought it and off we went.  Done!  Don't look back!

Turns out, the blue we chose is very similar to the color of our house.  No wonder we like it!  And the silver was returned and this champagne glittery color replaced it!  It's actually brushed nickel, but it looks sparkly and there you have it!  It's a much happier cabinet now...I will print fabulously fancy labels for each drawer and it will store my writing resources and all of the writing I've done and have yet to do!  

So, go get yourself some spray paint and make an ugly file cabinet into a thing of beauty.  Honor it for its hard work, holding things that are important to'll be glad you did!

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