Saturday, January 11, 2014

Old People Behavior

My husband and I are going to Florida this week.
Because it's January.
And it's cold.
And we can.
He was looking up funky/offbeat places to stay and found a "condo" in a "resort" that was very affordable...
"They have shuffle board" my husband (who is under the age of 50) exclaimed.
"Show me a photo of this place" I said...a red flag fluttered.
He did.
In the photo were lots of gray-haired people in sweaters...smiling, having a lovely time playing shuffleboard.
Turns out, it was a senior RV community with small manufactured homes for rent.
I pointed out the gray-haired people.  My husband has gray hair. (It's not important what color mine is under the dye)
I told him we weren't ready.
It wasn't time.
Instead we're going to visit some good friends and stay in Panama Beach City, at a place that requires a "spring break" deposit during the months of March and April.
We may be empty nesters going to Florida in the winter, but that's where the old people behavior ends.

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Shelly said...

Hahahahaha... we looked into a European river cruise for our 10th anniversary. Then I looked at the ads/website in more detail. Ummmmm... no. I think we'd be the youngest by 20 years or so. Enjoy Florida!!