Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A vintage picnic...

This is one of several photos I just received from an auction I won on ebay.
These people are military families. I have several photos of African-American and white families having fun together. These photos are from the late 50's...mainly '57 I believe. I find it interesting that when families are united in service to our country, color is of no concern. Yet, this photo is from a time when color was of big concern - mainly in the South. These people seem oblivious to that stark reality. It is refreshing.
In today's world, when the word "racism" is thrown about without thought, it's nice to see a photo like this and know that racism, even in it's prime, was rejected by most Americans...just as it is today.


Becca Holso said...

Great observation. (And that little boy in the middle is just too adorable!)

Janitha said...

I agree with your comments on this photo. Great find, and great expression of your thoughts about it.
Take care!