Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm being nice to me!

Tulips make me happy!, originally uploaded by artbyheather.

So...I made a decision a few months ago. Nothing major...nothing life altering...just a simple little thing that has had a rather large result. Every week, I buy myself tulips. Just a single bunch of 5 stems. 4 bucks worth. It doesn't break my grocery budget and I haven't missed the cash. The result has been a little oasis of happy on my antique pie safe. I found this fabulous copper pitcher for $2.50 at a thrift store...yes, you read that right, $2.50! It is the perfect vessel for my tulips! They look fabulous in it...a contrast of old and fresh. The most important bit to all of this is that the act of buying flowers for myself is so nice. I'm being nice to me. I buy them whether I deserve them or not. Even if I haven't finished my housework. It is my own little reward for all I HAVE done. AND having fresh flowers in the house makes me want to keep the space around them tidy...which is why I put them in the center of the main living space!! :o)
May I suggest that you buy yourself flowers today too!? Be nice to you! They're relatively cheap...even one stem will brighten up your whole day...your home...your attitude!

Friday, April 25, 2008

The world is her oyster...

Senior Picture, originally uploaded by artbyheather.

aaaah...she's about to leave the nest. This girl of mine is leaving in June instead of August for college. She was offered a FULL RIDE scholarship to the summer session at a State University! She's so excited! I'm so proud! It's the perfect opportunity to acclamate to college life...to train for the upcoming cross country season...to get used to being away from home in a shorter time period - sort of like "summer camp" before she leaves for the whole school year. She's been given such an incredible gift. We are a very close family and to send her away early is so hard, but exciting too. She will do well. She will make new friends. She will do things she never thought she could. She will grow up...not just in responsibility and independence, but in her heart. She has always been confident, but there's just something about being away from Mom and Dad and having to realize that you can figure things out for yourself and manage your own life that grows up a kid into an adult. Into a woman. Into a friend. I'm glad she's going...

I'll miss her...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I've been Funkified!

I'm featured on Funky Finds! Yay! Thanks Jessica! If you haven't ventured over to Funky Finds, you really should...click on the title of this posting and you it will take you there! Her tagline is "They once were funky lost, but now they are funky found!" I'm found! There's just something about being found...especially after you've been lost. It's comforting...a relief even!
I'm going to shout it from the rooftops! "I'm funky! I'm really funky!" - in a good way, of course! :o)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Treat me as you would the queen

I have this domino on my keychain...it's been there for the last year or so! I wish someone would notice it...maybe think to themselves: "Oh, I think I'll do just that" and then whisk me away in a limo to the spa and pamper me as a queen should be pampered, OR at the very least, clean my house for me. Yes, I do believe I'd feel like a queen if I could sit in my little studio and create fun fabulousness while someone else folded my laundry and mopped my floors!
Gee...that would be lovely!