Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Cards are Listed!!!

I just listed my first 9 cards on Etsy...check them out at I feel like I just put pictures of my children out there to be judged! Why do I feel like that? But let me just say that as I was listing my 3rd card, I got the nicest convo from a lady in Australia...complimenting my art and sense of humor... this is her: She is the most talented woman! I am stunned by her blog...if you're reading this, Gillian, this is what I think...WOW! I was greatly flattered BEFORE I saw your page...but now I'm humbled. So, as I was perusing her blog I thought..."this is cool...gee, how do you put pictures on your blog". I have a blog but don't know how to use it. And if anyone can help me understand how to look at blogs of a particular subject...and how to link them to your page so you can have "insta-click" access to your favs!? I honestly am lost in this little corner of cybersuburbia! I know how to compose a blog and I even figured out how to add a picture when I'm done with this post, but the rest is a mystery! I would take the time to figure it out but if you read my last post, I really have better things I should do. Chances are, though, I will take the time to figure this out first. (sorry Alex!)
Alex is my husband...I just gave him my blog address...he didn't know I had one. I imagine he will be reading this...Love you Al! He is very patient with my "creative mess making"...well sometimes he is. I suppose there's just so much trauma you can put a man through before he completely loses his mind...and I really don't want to be the one to push him to that point! His constant mantra to me is "You're killin' me" and my reply is usually "You're not dead yet!" So, hang in there with me, honey!
I will now proceed to amaze you with my ability to add a photo... if you don't see a photo, I couldn't figure it out and you can raz me in a comment. I'm ready for it, bring it on!

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Gillian Hamilton said...

awww...I'm all embarrassed now ;o)
you're gorgeous!
and funny!!!! love your sense of humour!!!!! I'll email you about how to put picys on ;o)