Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My ABC's of Thankfulness...

Thought I'd make a list of some of the things I'm thankful for this year...

A:  Alex – For 32 years I’ve known this man of mine and I’m thankful that we’ve weathered the storms to celebrate our 31st Thanksgiving as husband and wife!  I love him.
B:  Belonging – I’m thankful that I belong.  To my family, to a church, to my friends, to a community of writers, to a community of artists, and most importantly, to God.
C:  Christina – My first-born (by a minute).  I am so proud of the woman she has become, the wife, the encourager, the athlete.  She’s an adventurous and creative soul who loves God with her whole heart.  I love her.
D:  Dad – My dad has had a rough year.  His body is aging and unwell, his mind and spirit are sharper than ever.  His love and caring doesn’t wane even when his health does.  I love him.
E:  Emily – My baby.  She is a brave and faith-filled soul whose biggest desire is to serve the Lord with her life.  She makes me laugh.  She’s comfortable with all kinds of people and loves them deeply.  I love her.
F:  Friendship – What would I do without my friends, old and new…young and old?  They challenge me, encourage me, stretch my faith and I love them.
G:  Generators – For the first time last week, we experienced the convenience of having a generator during a power outage and we’re never going back. 
H:  Health – I’m thankful for good health…and health challenges…because both highlight how important life is…how important it is to live our one precious life to the fullest every day.
I:  Ice Cream:  It’s my favorite.  So many flavors, so much to love.  Peanut Butter and Chocolate is my favorite…wait, no, Cappuccino Chip…no, it’s Rocky Road…never mind.  If it’s frozen, full of fat and covered in hot fudge, I’m in love. 
J:  Jacob – My first/middle born. He is ambitious and generous and athletic.  He’s so, so smart.  He is just enough crazy to make him a whole lot of fun.  His faith is important to him and his love for his family and friends runs deep.  I love him.
K:  Kranky cat – Lola may be cranky, she may embarrass me with her rude behavior to visitors, she may leave her hair on everything, but she’s sweet…to us…no one else will ever understand.
L: Ladies – The ladies.  I love their quirkiness, their stupidity, their beautiful feathers and their eggs.  They inspire me to be smarter.
M:  Mom – Mom is a rock.  This year she’s struggled with her own health issues all the while helping Dad wade through his.  She is an encourager and an real-life example of how God can make beauty from ashes.
N:  Nieces and Nephews – I have the most incredible nieces and nephews…they make me laugh and fill my world with fun!  I love them.
O:  Opus – My opus is my novel…I have fallen in love with imaginary friends and a story that will be completed, by the end of this year or early 2016.  I’m thankful for the light at the end of a very long journey.
P: Plays – I love plays…the theater.  I’m thankful for each and every play I’ve been privileged to see this year.  The art of live performance takes my breath away.  Amazing.
Q:  Quiet – In my empty nest, there is quiet.  It’s taken me a while to grow to love it.  Now I do.  I love the quiet of being alone…of being okay with being alone.  It is good.
R:  Roaming – I love to roam…to travel…to explore new places and see new things.  I’m thankful that we are able to roam and that even though our kids are far from us, we can roam on over to see them.
S:  Siblings – I love my sister and brother…and their spouses.  I am so thankful that over the years, we’ve grown closer.  I love them as siblings, as people and would choose them as friends…they’re amazing. 
T:  The other Jacob (Jake) – I’m thankful for my daughter’s husband Jake.  He’s a good man.  He just fits.  He’s smart and adventurous and loves my daughter with his whole heart.  I love him.
U:  Underserved favor – Grace.  Underserved favor. I’m thankful for the grace that has saved me from my sin, given freely to all who believe in Christ, and the daily grace that I experience both from God and those around me.  I don’t deserve it.  So thankful.
V:  Visitors – I love it when people from far away visit…specifically my children, but also my friends.  It is so good to hug them, to catch up, to just be with them, hearing their stories and getting to love on them in person!
W:  Writing – I love to write.  I love the feeling of taking the thoughts, or stories, or ideas out of my imagination, out of my heart, and placing them word by word onto paper…or a computer screen.  It’s magic.  It’s therapy.  It’s a gift.
X:  Xtra Shot or Xtra cup – Because a latte isn’t a latte without an extra shot of espresso…and an extra cup of joe in the morning is just a little bit of heaven.
Y:  Yoga – I’ve discovered yoga this year…specifically, Yoga with Adrienne (youtube).  She’s wonderful.  She understands that some of us can’t do the flying eagle upside down dawg where you balance on your pinkie finger while touching your toes to your nose…and that makes twisting into a pretzel a whole lot more palatable.

Z:  Zzzzzzz – I’m thankful for the occasional good night’s sleep…because they’re few and far between (thank you menopause, you dirty rotten #$%*)…so when I’m given the gift of a good night’s sleep, I’m thankful.  Very thankful.

What are you thankful for?

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