Monday, January 12, 2015

What I Did On My Christmas Vacation...

·      Took my virgin trip across the pond.
·      Got a stamp in my passport.
·      Became a foreigner.
·      Schlepped too much luggage on planes, trains and automobiles.
·      Dealt with MRSA.
·      Ate 1,279 pretzels and pastries and STILL lost 3 pounds.
·      Made my first Prime Rib and nailed it!
·      Made Christmas dinner using only the tools a typical bachelor would have on hand…translate:  spoons and knives and a whisk.  Super thankful for the whisk.
·      Climbed into the turret of a castle and surveyed the kingdom.
·      Trespassed at Neuschwanstein castle.
·      Witnessed an epic fall in which the fall-ee held a cup of coffee and did not spill a single drop.
·      Looked up “What to do if someone goes missing in a foreign country” on my iphone.
·      Nearly caused a coup.
·      Discovered Ouzo…a greek licorice liquor (yum)…and “took care of” all rejected shots.  *hiccup*
·      Pointed out 1,369,254 dips, divots, lips and holes to my folks as we walked the cobbled streets of Europe.
·      Cursed the European design of threshold unevenness as I stubbed my toe for the 154th time.
·      Said “Danke” in France and “Merci” in Germany and said “Thank you” in Prague because I could never remember to say “dejuki” (pronounced dye-quee).
·      Fell in love with the greeting: “Bonsoire”…it is just beautiful when the French say it…
·      Stepped in countless spit globs on Paris sidewalks.  (gross)
·      Bargained a few deals at the Paris flea market.
·      Imagined the damage I could have done at the flea market if only I had unlimited resources to get the stuff home.
·      Gazed upon the Eiffel tower with awe.
·      Met Mona.
·      Avoided pick pockets.
·      Avoided a terrorist attack.
·      Went to Christmas markets in Paris and Prague…after Christmas.
·      Ate Crème Brulee that just melted on the spot…
·      Went to the Moulin Rouge and caused a small explosion.
·      Had the best meal (goulash) of my life in Prague.
·      Discovered baked fruit tea…oh my…
·      Bought $650 worth of chocolate…when the salesperson in Prague charged my credit card 15,000 crown rather than 1,500 crown…luckily, it did actually come off of my card…whew. 
·      Prayed for the beautiful city of Prague, the most un-churched city in the world with 90% atheism, and a beautiful ancient cathedral on nearly every block.  Amazing.
·      Schlepped our bags home, arriving with them all.
·      Didn’t use a single curse word on the way home even though our flight was diverted and delayed…I thought them…many of them…but didn’t utter them.
·      Marvelled at God’s favor towards us as I came home with a heart full of love and memories of a trip of a lifetime!  So thankful!!

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Virginia Schnabel said...

Thanks for sharing your trip with those of us who have yet to make a "virgin trip across the pond". Maybe next time it will be me.