Monday, September 12, 2011

Too many dictionaries!

I've become a collector of vintage dictionaries.  Not because I particularly love dictionaries, but I do love making these pendants out of old glass watch crystals...which requires fabulous dictionary illustrations.  So I pick them up at yard sales, thrift stores, antiques shops...and its very hard to throw them away.  What if I discover another word that inspires me and I want to extract it from every dictionary I have?  If I throw them away, I won't have them.  What if I overlooked a fabulous illustration?  What if I find a use for the incredible aged pages that were rejected for this project?  And the arguments go on as the books pile up!  Did I mention that some dictionaries are very big?  They are.  They take up lots of space.  Have  you seen the humungous ones that are literally 10 inches thick?  I have a couple of them.  They're actually pretty cheap to buy...because people can't find anyplace to PUT me on this!  I don't really know what to do.  Yes, I know, I could bite the bullet and chuck 'em....but what if....?
See my dilemma?

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