Saturday, June 4, 2011

WeightWatchers update!

I'm down 8 pounds...and counting.
A few things I've discovered:
I can live without cookies.
Raw veggies are VERY good dipped in hummus.
Watermelon fills you up.
Sugar is overrated.
You don't have to be a "points nazi" to stay on program.  I'm guesstimating and it's working fine.
A few bonuses I've experienced:
I sleep better when not hopped up on sugar all day.
I don't beat myself up for having that second through fifth cookie ...or piece of chocolate...or cake, etc.  every day...because I'm not having any!
It is MUCH easier as time goes by to tell myself no...and I don't dwell on it.  It's becoming a lifestyle.
My pants are looser...but I'm not quite ready to go down a size...

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Shelly said...

Awesome! There are a couple of foods that I should remove from my diet (which shall remain unmentioned for fear that I will feel a need to immediately stop typing and go eat them now should I see the words in print)... and I probably wouldn't miss them that much if they weren't in the house!

Congrats!! :)