Saturday, September 8, 2007

Cross-Country Season

My two oldest kids (17-year-old twins) are in XC (cross-country). I have to say...XC has been the most incredible, challenging, satisfying, FUN sport for my kids. They discovered it when they joined track their freshman year of high school and fell into the distance running group. The kids were absolutely fun and phenominal...I have talked to other kids and parents from other schools and it seems to echo throughout the running sports...the kids are dedicated, disciplined and generally a blast to be around. My kids team has been like a family throughout their high school years. They seek each other out at school...sit together at lunch...have unity nights almost every weekend and before every meet...double, triple together to go to name it!
Well...for the last 2 years, my daughter has been the star of the girls team. She's gone to State each year and is just a really great runner...not trying to boast, just telling a story! My son, on the other hand, has struggled. He's always enjoyed running, but he's been growing...approximately 14 inches in about a year and a half...and that has caused incredible pain in his knees, his hips, his ankles...well, you can imagine! All the while, he's been watching his twin sister excelling...really being a star athlete while he sits out or struggles to finish races! What has his attitude been like, you ask? Well, he cheers the loudest for her at the meets, encourages her, and is generally verrrry happy for her! Yes, he has his moments when she's overly excited and he gets sick of hearing about it, but for a guy to be so supportive of his sister in a sport he participates but doesn't get to excell in - well, that's just unbelievable.
So...we think he's done growing (6'1 1/2" should just about do it, don't you think?) and I've been praying that he'll have a good season for his senior year. He's a good runner...he has had the potential, but his body just hasn't been able to cooperate with his ability! Well, he had his first race the other day and he was 11th out of 45 junior/senior guys!!!!! He came in right after one of our fastest guys...stayed right with him the whole race! I was FLOORED!!! He was so happy and that taste of personal victory was so incredible for him!!! So, I'm excited for him and his final season of XC. Praying that he stays healthy and that he can do what he is able what he can do...what he's been trying to do for the last 2 years.
That's all I want for my kids... for them to be able to do what they can...the BEST of their abilities...and be proud of their accomplishments!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

When moms are right...

Remember when you were a teenager and you mom would sigh and say "Just wait until you have'll understand!" was right! I have actually had it pretty easy up until about a month ago when my teenagers started acting their age! They are twins...17 years old...both of them late bloomers. I always knew it would happen...the hormones and indignant behavior would kick in and I would become the stupidest person on the face of the earth. But, even though I completely expected it and waited for it to come, it hasn't been an easy thing to accept. I actually was entertaining the thought that maybe, by some strange twist of fate and some divine blessing from God, that I would get to have dream kids that would look up to me and my infinite wisdom and remain lovingly devoted to their mother and skip the whole know-it-all stage. such luck! was an especially exhausting day...for no other reason than I'm realizing that the dream has died. I'm deflated. My kids are normal. They're not dream kids. I'm not supermom....well, not to them, anyway! I know I'm doing my best and, with the smallest amount of therapy, they should be just fine! But here's what I'm kids ARE normal...this is normal. This stage in life is necessary. If they were sweet forever I wouldn't want them to leave for college...I really, really want them to leave for college now! I want them to experience poverty (the kind you can be rescued from -the top ramen until the next paycheck kind) and having to work at a job you hate until you can find one you love (ok, they're experiencing that right now) and the stresses of doing for yourself (ie: laundry, cooking, cleaning, buying groceries, holding down a job, paying the bills, etc). They do a lot for themselves, but not all at once! It's good stuff...makes you appreciate all you've been given...all you work for...what is to come... So...I'm excited for them...frustrated with them...unsure what is ahead for them...but I'm going to love them through it all! Being a mom is the most exhausting job and then you get to say..."Just wait until you have teenagers...then you'll understand!" and you KNOW - even though they're thinking "Yeah, right, when I have teenagers I'll be a cool mom/dad" - YOU are right - they are wrong - they'll be lame parents, just like you are! Yesssssssssss!